In 1860-1861

And there's more...

With 400+ pages crammed with pictures, maps and a truly awesome amount of information about the Burke and Wills Expedition's journey across Australia, surely there isn't anything more to tell?

Yes, there is.

There are a number of items of specialist information that will be added to this website, including

  • Bearings taken by Wills from various vantage points along the way. If you climb the same hills with a compass, you will be able to check your readings against his.
  • Astronomical observations made by Wills night after night to allow him to calculate latitude and longitude
  • Information for geographers: who named what feature after whom, and why
  • A full┬áBibliography to supplement the Selected References in the Touring Guide

And to complete the picture, there are short biographies of all of the members of the Victorian Exploration Expedition, starting with those who signed the Memorandum of Agreement on 18 August 1860, including all those that Burke hired along the way, and ending with those hired by Wright to augment his Supply Party.